Nils Andrén


Bianca and Nils are full time swing dance teachers, performers and choreographers. Their main passion and occupation are Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie. Lindy Hop is an African American partner dance that originated between 1920’s and 30’s in Harlem, New York. At the famous Savoy Ballroom in Harlem lots of names that made the history of the dance emerged. Just to name a few: Shorty George Snowden, All Minns, Norma Miller, Willa Mae Ricker, Frieda Washington and Frankie Manning. Frankie Manning, belonging to the second generation of Lindy Hoppers was an innovator, choreographer and became a role model for today dance scene. Dancers could dance to big names like Cab Calloway, Chick Webb , Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie. 
Boogie Woogie (from the piano music style boogie woogie) is a dance mostly danced to 50’s Rock’n’roll, Rhythm’n’blues and piano boogie woogie. Boogie Woogie clearly is a dance that has its roots in jazz dances. Nowadays it is mostly recognised because of its competition scene, but it can be danced socially since it clearly has its roots in jazz dances.
Bianca and Nils started dancing when they were kids. They have performed and competed with other partners in their home countries (Italy and Sweden) in different dances like ballet, lindy hop swing, latin dances, hip hop, ballroom and the Swedish bugg. Both Bianca and Nils got stuck in swing dancing and music, their biggest passion at a very young age. Their paths crossed when Bianca moved to Sweden at the age of sixteen and that’s when they started performing and competing together.
Their teaching career started short after that. Nowadays they travel globally for teaching workshops at festivals, performing and competing. They love to teach what they believe in all around the world. It gives them inspiration, happiness and satisfaction. Bianca and Nils like to bring their love for the dance through energy and enthusiasm on stage and they like to make all their students feel comfortable in expressing themselves through their dancing.

Bianca Locatelli


Bianca and Nils are members of the Swedish national team in Boogie Woogie and Lindy Hop and together they won several Swedish competitions including the Swedish championships. Even abroad they hold titles at the International Lindy Hop Championship (ILHC), Camp Hollywood, European Swing Dance championship, several Boogie Woogie international competitions.

They love swing dancing because it brings people together and spreads joy between them, but also because it is more than just a dance. It has a powerful meaning and history. The dance challenges them in keeping practicing, creating and expressing. Bianca and Nils’ goal is to help you become the best dancer you can be and to understand the values of this dances if you are a student and to be entertained and moved if you are a spectator at one of their shows.